Dream Bio: Growth Strategy, Gaming Setup, Socials, Monthly Earning [2022]

Dream Bio: who is Dream the YouTuber?

Dream No face profile picture
Dream aka DreamWasTaken is an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and Speedrunner primarily known for his Minecraft-related content.

As of Feb 2022, Dream has not done a face reveal, but he has done teasers on multiple occasions.

Dream Bio: quick facts

Dream’s Real Name: Clay

Dream’s Birthdate: August 12, 1999

Dream’s Location: Orlando, Florida

Dream’s Nationality: American

Dream’s Height: 6 ft 4 in

Dream’s Zodiac: Leo

Dream IGN: Dream

Dream’s has over 28 million subscribers on YouTube in January 2022, which at such a young age is simply amazing.

Subscriber count for Dream in Youtube
Dream Subscriber count in YouTube

After analyzing all of his YouTube videos, I can conclusively say Dream’s massive popularity can be attributed to five factors. These factors are mystery, engaging content, collaborations, gaming skills, and fan art in no particular order.

💡   Did you know! 

Dream went from 1 million subscribers in 2019 to 28 million subscribers in less than 500 days

Let’s dive into some details about what these four factors mean.

1. Dream’s no face mystery

Dream’s face as of 2022 is still unknown. Nobody knows Dream’s real identity. Sure we know his real name (Clay) maybe, and his friend circle, but we and some of his friends even, have not seen him yet!

Dream's photo with mask
Dream’s photo with a mask

Some of his friends have seen his face though. But that list just includes a few friends like Sapnap (Dream’s flatmate), Alyssa (a mutual friend of all SMP players), and more recently GeorgeNotFound in our knowledge. His other friends like Tommyinnit have not yet seen Dream’s face.

According to Dream, he wasn’t planning on not showing his face. It happened naturally as his subscriber gained rapidly, he continued what he was doing and there was no time for a face reveal.

In Dream’s interview with AnthonyPadilla, Dream mentioned that he plans to show his face in early 2022. He would host some kind of meetup, gathering, or challenge for the same.

Dream even tweeted that a face reveal was on the cards in 2022. More is yet to come. By the time you read this article, maybe you would have already seen Dream’s face.

Dream's Tweet on face reveal
DreamSMP Updates Tweet, Post from January 28, 2022

The mystery angle of a faceless YouTuber gathering millions of subscribers in a short span of time is intriguing.

Due credits to Dream and his personality for pulling this off, as cool as it sounds it’s very difficult among a sea of other creators alike.

2. Dream’s engaging content

Dream’s content is unique and revolves around drama. He is a master in creating a fictional world with gameplay involved. His videos have thoughtful cuts, background music, and innovative story arcs.

Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt and Unsolved series are wildly popular where each episode has a high point, story arc, and climax. His videos can hook anybody who watches them irrespective of the fact that they know Minecraft or not.

Minecraft Minehunt poster image
Minecraft Manhunt poster

3. Dream’s collaborations

Dream quickly realized the power of collaboration with like-minded creators based on his growth. He has an SMP Minecraft server where he participates with other YouTube creators to play games and create his own world with crazy rules in it.

The collaboration allowed him and his friends to slingshot each other to popularity by creating buzz and news around each other even when they are not present in the video.

Danny Gonzalez Twitch stream on april fools day claiming he is dream
Danny Gonzalez claiming he is Dream on his Twitch stream (April Fool’s day)

He collaborated with so many other creators like Danny Gonzalez, Tommyinnit, etc. for different content types apart from Minecraft. There are videos like Danny Gonzalez claiming to be Dream on April Fools day 2021, Dream giving GeorgeNotFound $5000 to spend on Amazon, etc.

By collaborating he is showing that he is not an individual creator but part of the Minecraft community. It allows his fans to connect with him and aspire to join his Minecraft SMP server.

4. Dream’s skills

No doubt Dream is an absolute beast in Minecraft. He is a champion in Minecraft speed runs and has done hundreds of videos speedrunning through Minecraft and beating the game.

Dream's minecraft speedrun records
Dream’s record speedrun on Minecraft

Apart from his skills in speedrunning, he also has Minecraft coding experience. He has tinkered with many artifacts in Minecraft and is able to create custom items and powers.

These skills took Dream’s Minecraft videos and made them unique and far different from what others were doing at that time.

Dream is an explorer and a creator, his skills and creativity let him create unique story arcs and plot points which is what Minecraft is all about!

5. Dream’s fan art

Dream’s no face, revealing just a white face mask and minimal characteristics provided his fans a canvas to paint their own version of Dream on it.

Dream has a massive Twitter fanart page called “Dream Fanart” with 500k+ followers in 2022. It is dedicated to his fans where they can submit their Dream related fan art. He personally manages the account and even has a hashtag #Dreamfanart for art submissions.

Dream's Twitter page for Fan Art
Dream’s Fan Art page on Twitter

Undoubtedly his fan art is one of the major aspects of his connecting with his audience.

Also, naming his channel “Dream” and having a blank mask as the face is clever, making it easy for the audience to remember his name and create any version of him in their art.

Dream gaming setup

About Dream gaming setup:- Not much is known about Dream gaming setup, as he never uses a face cam nor does he speak about his setup on his stream.

But back in 2019, BadBoyHalo built Dream his computer set up and tweeted the specifications which I’ve linked here.

I hope you find my analysis useful! This section contains a few Amazon links you can use to buy Dream gaming setup elements. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no extra cost to you. Learn More.

Other than that in Dream gaming setup, based on videos of other YouTubers, his fanbase has speculated he uses the below as monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Dream Minecraft journey

Dream quickly gathered popularity playing Minecraft- a widely adopted game and doing something creative in it. Dream plays the Java edition of Minecraft, which is free to play and mostly user-generated.

Dream does Minecraft speed runs of various categories. He is famous for his ‘Minecraft Manhunt’ aka ‘Speedrunner VS Hunters’ videos and ‘Minecraft Unsolved’ series on YouTube.

Dream's contest on Hunter vs Speedrunner
Hunter vs Speedrunner

He is also famous for Dream SMP Minecraft invite-only server. In the Dream SMP server, he collaborates with other famous YouTube Minecraft players like GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Tommyinnit, etc.

Dream Minecraft competitive championship

Dream also participates regularly in a team-based Minecraft Tournament for YouTubers and streamers called MC Championship.

MC Championship poster
MC Championship

In his 11 attempts in the tournament, his team came first only in MC Championship 15 where he played for the team Red Rabbits with Michaelmcchill, Quackity, and Sapnap.

In individual rankings, he came first in MC Championship 11 when he played for the team Fuschia Frankensteins.

Dream Minecraft manhunt

In the Manhunt videos, one player is the speedrunner (usually, Dream himself) who tries to finish Minecraft as fast as possible (defeat the ender dragon). While another player or team of players becomes the hunters and tries to stop him.

Minecraft Minehunt poster image
Minecraft Manhunt series

The hunters can respawn multiple times. Each player possesses a compass that points to the speedrunner. The hunters win if they can kill the speedrunner before he is able to defeat the ender dragon.

– Dream Minecraft unsolved

Dream explores and talks about the different mysteries in Minecraft.

There were a couple of seasons of Minecraft unsolved series with 6 videos in Season 1 and 1 video till now in Season 2.

Minecraft unsolved mystery series poster
Minecraft unsolved mystery series

Some famous videos of Dream minecraft unsolved mysteries include:

Season 1: – Unsolved Mystery of Minecraft Monday, Unsolved Mystery of Sven, etc.

Season 2:- Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine

Dream SMP server

The Dream SMP server was created by Dream and GeorgeNotFound for playing with their friends in 2020. It quickly got popularity during the Covid pandemic lockdown and grew massively.

Dream SMP server world poster
Dream SMP server

In the Minecraft SMP server, Dream collaborates with other famous Minecraft Youtubers in some loosely scripted roleplay challenges.

There are many plots and sagas on which the entire roleplay is based upon. Some popular sagas include:

Dream Minecraft SMP serverDisc Saga:

Disc saga series revolved around two music discs created by Tommyinnit and others fighting over the ownership of them. The series concluded in Jan 2021 with Dream being imprisoned. The Disc saga received a whooping 650,000 peak viewership on Tommyinnit’s Twitch channel. It became the third-highest all-time concurrent viewer live stream on Twitch.

Dream Minecraft SMP serverL’Manberg:

L’manberg is an in-game state for non-Americans that held a presidential election between 2 fictional parties SWAG2020 and POG2020.

Dream YouTube journey

Dream started his journey on YouTube under the username ‘gamebreakermc’ on Feb 8th, 2014. He changed the username to ‘Dream’ sometime in the first half of 2019.

He shot to fame on YouTube by posting a video on “How to get PewDiePie’s Minecraft World seed” on 14 Jul 2019.

Dream's video on PewDiePie world seed
Dream’s video on PewDiePie world seed

Dream in the video tries to locate PewDiePie’s world seed using algorithms and PieDiePie’s Minecraft debug screen information on coordinates of his biome. Though he was unsuccessful in the attempt as there are about 2^64 seeds in Minecraft, he showed a way to narrow it down.

His video on PewDiePie reached an overnight success of 100k views in a day. Post that he started putting more effort and creativity into his videos.

There was another famous video he posted at the beginning titled ‘this cursed Minecraft video will trigger you…’. which has gathered 16M views by 2022. He is seen triggering the audience in the video by doing Minecraft crimes like hurting his dog, creating unintelligent doors, shearing his sheep then hurting them, wasting his artifacts, and replacing them with trash items.

He was one of the fastest-growing YouTubers of 2020 and was named the number 2 overall creator of 2020.

YouTube awarded him the Streamy Award for Gaming in 2020. On 21st Sep 2021, his video titled ‘Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE’ released about a year back, reached the milestone of 100 million views.

Dream winning Streamy awards for Gaming by Youtube poster
Dream winning Streamy Awards for Gaming

In 2021, he premiered 3 original music compositions in his YouTube channel ‘Dream Music’ including one titled ‘Change My Clothes’ in collaboration with singer and songwriter Alec Benjamin.

Dream’s YouTube channels

As of 2022, Dream has 7 YouTube channels. His main channel Dream has 28+ million subscribers and a total of 2.3 billion views from 107 videos all related to Minecraft. He uploads 1 video every month on that channel.

He has a few other channels namely ‘DreamXD’, ‘Dream Team’, ‘Dream Shorts’, ‘Dream Music’, ‘Minecraft Manhunt’, and ‘Dream Tech’ where he uploads other related content. He is currently most active on ‘Dream Shorts’ where he does short, 1 minute Minecraft skits.

Dream Twitch journey

Dream created his Twitch account, ‘dreamwastaken’, soon after going viral, on 30th July 2019. As of 2022, he has 6 million followers and a total of 15+ million views.

He does not follow a schedule as such. In the past year 2021, he has streamed for 3-5 hours in total every month.

Almost all of his streams were related to Minecraft with one stream on ‘Crab Game’, a free unity game inspired from the hit Netflix show ‘Squid Game’ and a few streams on ‘Among Us’ which soared to popularity last during quarantine.

He also streamed a bit of Toontown online, which is one of the nostalgic and old multiplayer games growing up.

Dream Spotify

Dream has released 3 singles on Spotify in 2021. He has gathered about 2 million average listeners till 2022.

2 of his single were in collaboration with Alec Benjamin and PmBata.

Songs released by Dream:

  1. Change my clothes – Dream and Alec Benjamin (36 million average listeners)
  2. Roadtrip – Dream and PmBata (85 million average listeners)
  3. Mask – Dream (57 million average listeners)
Playlist of Dream's own songs on Spotify
Playlist of Dream’s own songs on Spotify

Apart from that, he has a playlist on his channel Dream Radio with his favorite songs in it.

Dream Discord

Dream has 2 discord servers for people to connect with him. One for the general audience and the other a private server to connect with his fans.

  1. Dream Merch invite” is for the general public interested in buying his merch.
  2. “Dream’s Discord” – This discord server is more private where he does podcasts, announcements, tweets, etc.

How to join Dream’s private discord server “Dream’s Discord”?

There are 2 ways to join “Dream’s Discord“- his private server.

  1. Buy anything from Dream’s merch store and use the receipt/ proof to join his private discord server. Find instructions for doing so by going to his public discord server.
Instructions to join Dream's Discord by purchasing from Dream's shop
Join Dream’s Discord by purchasing from his shop
  1. Become a Patreon supporter for Dream. This will come with a link to join his private discord server.
Join Dream's Discord by supporting him on Patreon
Join Dream’s Discord by supporting him on Patreon

Dream Instagram

Dream’s account on Instagram is not that active. He has around 15 posts at the time of writing this in 2022. His account ‘dreamwastaken’ has over 3.3 million followers. He mainly uses it for announcements and special occasions.

Dream Reddit

Dream has a subreddit r/dreamwastaken with over 219k members. You can find memes, fanart, announcements, speculations in the subreddit.

Dream Twitter

Dream is quite active on Twitter and can be found tweeting regularly over there.

He has two Twitter accounts @dream and @dreamwastaken.

  • @dream has 4.4 million followers but is more content and brand-related tweets.
  • @dreamwastaken has 1.8 million followers but is a more informal account where he generally engages with his friends and community members

Dream controversy

At the end of 2020 Dream was accused of cheating in several of his speed runs. Even though he denied all accusations in the beginning.

Moderators of ‘speedrun.com’ performed a long and thorough investigation and determined that Dream cheated by increasing the chances of obtaining certain items during the speed runs and deleted all his runs.

In May 2021, he admitted that he did indeed cheat but unknowingly. There, he claimed that a server-side plugin was made for his videos that slightly increased the drop rates of ender pearls and blaze rods without his knowledge.

A detailed video was released by Karl Jacobs titled “Dream’s Cheating Confession: Uncovering The Truth” which talks about the controversy in-depth and tries to uncover the reality.

Dream even tweeted in response to the video, learning from his mistakes and acknowledging the YouTuber for his research.

Dream's tweet in response of Karl Jacobs video
Dream’s tweet in response to Karl Jacobs video

How much money does Dream make?

Dream’s total income from YouTube is at least $3 million per year/ $250,000 per month. His ad revenue from YouTube would be at least $1 million and sponsorship money would be more than $ 2 million per year.

As he is mainly active on YouTube, the majority of revenue would come from there. The above figures are excluding sources other than YouTube.

How much money does Dream make from YouTube ads?

Dream generates ad revenue on YouTube through Adsense. YouTube AdSense pays approx. $2 CPM per 1000 views to gamers. Based on his Socialblade views count, he would have received a total of at least $92,000 from ads in 30 days, breakup is given below:

  • 36 million views on his main YouTube channel, Dream. 36 million views divided by 1000 equals 36000. That translates to 36000 x $2 CPM = $72,000.
  • 4.3 million views on his channel, DreamXD. This translates to 4300 x $2 CPM = $8,600.
  • 3.3 million views and his channels Dream Shorts. This translates to another 3300 x $2 CPM = $6,600.
  • Approx 2.5 milllion views from his other channels “Dream Music“, “Dream Team“, “Minecraft Manhunt” and “Dream Tech“. This translates to another 2500 x $2 CPM = $5,000.
  • Total income from ads: $72,000 + $8,600 + $6,600 + $ 5,000 = $92,200

Dream earns $92,000 monthly or around $1.1 million annually from YouTube ads

How much money does Dream make from sponsorship deals?

For a YouTuber with over 28 million subscribers on his main channel. He can have a sponsorship deal of any kind. He can charge a one-time fee or performance fee or a combination of both.

Dream does have a promotional link for cash.app of $15 free, which usually means Dream can also earn $15 per new signup and transaction.

Dream's affiliate deal with Cash.app on YouTube
Dream’s affiliate deal with Cash.app on YouTube

If we consider just 0.5% of his subscriber base of 28 million to signup in a year. This would lead to 1,40,000 yearly signups.

Total earnings would be ($15 x 1,40,000) or a whopping $2.1 million in commission.

Averaging out for the month, Dream would make around $175,000 per month / $2.1 million annually from sponsorship deals.

This combined with his ad revenue of $1.1 million from YouTube, Dream would take home $3.2 million in a year. (Whew!)