How to Give Points on Twitch? 4 Top Channel Points FAQs for Streamers and Mods

Channel Points are the coolest way to reward members of your community.

They can be used to show your appreciation to your community with perks, otherwise reserved only for your subscribers and limited to your stream.

Learn how to give points on Twitch to gamify your stream with channel points and engage better with your community!

How to give points on Twitch – simple 3 step process

Channel points are a great tool to gamify your stream with points and engage better with your community. More activity in the stream means more points for the community member, which means more rewards, resulting in increased engagement with the stream. Along with other tools like Twitch gifted subs, they also help community members identify with your channel.

If you are a Twitch Partner or Affiliate, it’s a simple process as to how to give points on Twitch. You can enable the setting in Twitch Creator Dashboard.

  1. Head over to your Creator Dashboard
  2. Under stream manager, go to Community, and then select Channel Points
  3. Toggle On Enable Channel Points

How to give customized points on Twitch – strategy + steps

With this basic process setup done, you can get creative by customizing the channel points.

Make a tier system of rewards that makes it fun and engaging to rise up the ladder. You can start with something basic like emotes and rise up to something like a Q&A, or a song or dance on request.

How to give points on Twitch that are customized –

  1. Click on Edit to the right of Customize Points Display to change the way your points button appears
  2. Select Manage Rewards to enable only specific rewards
  3. Click on Add Custom Reward button. You can name your reward, give a brief description, enter the cost of the reward, and upload a reward icon to make it

How to edit channel points Twitch – to maximize engagement

You can edit channel points to make them personalized to your channel.

To start with, you should name your program something unique to make it yours. You can give it a theme to match the vibe of your channel.

To use channel points to maximize engagement, you can do any of the 3 things below –

  1. Add custom rewards: Custom rewards are meant to be fulfilled by you while streaming. They give you an opportunity to personalize the reward by engaging directly with the redeemer. You can change aspects of the reward including the title, description, icon, and background color of the icon. You can also ask the redeemer to enter custom text. These customization options can enable you to design some cool and smart rewards. Here are some basic ideas to use custom rewards –
    1. AMA – Since you can ask the redeemer to enter custom text, this feature can be used to conduct AMA and Q&A sessions with the viewers. The responses would be displayed in chat, so be careful not to ask for any personal information.
    2. Game Play made interesting – You can give the power to the redeemer to specify which game, map, or game character you should take up in a stream. This will make it an interesting game play and keep everyone hooked to the stream. You can always edit the reward to be redeemable to a number of times you’re comfortable within the stream.
    3. Crowdsource streaming setup design – One of the rewards can be around changing an element of your streaming setup. It can be a cool tool to crowdsource your setup design to your audience, just the way they like since they’re the ones watching you.
    4. Dance/Sing/Dress-Up/Draw something – Another easy-to-set-up reward is to show your fun, quirky and silly side by trying something new or different on your stream, as a special reward. Again, setting the interval to once per stream is advisable for such a reward, so it becomes manageable.
  2. Modify default rewards: Default rewards are pre-programmed into Twitch. Redemption is taken care of by Twitch. You should definitely take advantage of them by enabling them. You can always modify default rewards, with a custom reward icon, a different background color of the reward panel, and cost. Combine it with custom rewards to make a complete program that is customized and yours.
  3. Enable/disable default and custom rewards: You can always enable or disable default and custom rewards, to supercharge a stream, or make it difficult to achieve points in a stream. Play around with the channel points to make your stream more interesting and engaging.

How to give channel points on Twitch as a mod

Mods can’t control channel points or their values, but they can help out streamers with channel points management. They can help with the reward queue by marking them as complete, rejecting them, refunding, reporting abuse, or pausing redemptions for the channel(s) they moderate.

To work on the rewards queue, you can access it by:

  1. Going to the Channel Points reward balloon available in the chat
  2. Typing /requests in the chat on web or desktop
  3. Going to rewards queue, under tasks in chat settings